Transport and Logistics

Over the past 10 years Marmac Logistics obtained client loyalty by committing to punctuality, reliability and service efficiency in their bulk logistics and road transportation.

Maintaining these ethics during all their transport and truck contracts gave Marmac Logistics the advantage to become one of the most exceptional transport companies servicing local and cross border transport.


Talima - Charter & Aviation is one of the top and most adequate service charted companies, servicing the commercial sectors, industrial sector and mining Industries. 

Talima - Charter & Aviation

Your trustworthy air transport & charter company.

Our chartered helicopters haul both, air cargo logistics, as well as public air transport.

Marmac Logistics and Transport

Provide reliable long-distance transport and efficient bulk logistics.

Through specialising in freight logistics and long distance transport, Marmac Logistics excel by catering for the commercial sectors, industrial sector, mining industry, construction & building industries.